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Horse Riding Stables El Médano
Horse riding

Horse Riding Centre

Connect with nature

Get out of the routine and enjoy being outdoors. A pure and fresh environment. Find the time of the week that will recharge your batteries.

Relax and enjoy. Horses are not in a hurry and do not feel the lack of time. When you are with them, your perception changes. Experience the tranquillity and peace that comes from being close to them.

Exercise almost without noticing it, while gaining balance and coordination.


Increases your self-esteem, sense of responsibility and empathy when caring for another living being.

Motivation by overcoming your limitations and fears. Learn better and faster with our own teaching method.

It is when the rider learns to feel the horse and listen to its responses that he or she really enjoys confident, gentle and calm riding. 

quality experiences

Our Services

Horse riding for children up to 13 years

Horse riding for adults

Horse riding tenerife south



Horses are the clear example that without education you are lost.

That is why every day we strive, based on our knowledge and experience, to improve the training and behaviour of our horses in order to offer our students educated and correct horses. Only in this way will they be able to receive a more correct teaching and, of course, for their personal enjoyment. Our riding lessons are the result of more than 40 years of experience working with students and seeing what their real needs are. This is how we developed the unique system that we follow in our lessons. Hípica Cuadras El Médano is a family riding school and our aim is to teach everyone who wants to learn. We offer lessons for both children and adults, for people who already ride or for those who would like to start. To make it easy we offer you a great flexibility of timetables and activities. 


Our Protagonists

paseos a caballo tenerife sur


A Spanish-Arabian mare. She presents herself with seriousness and energy. Her strength is complemented by nobility and loyalty. She offers to collaborate with advanced apprentices. 

paseos a caballo tenerife sur

Manijera and Kenza

Our Pura Raza Española mares. Manijera, an expressive, attentive mare who, above all, transmits a lot of peace and tranquillity. Kenza is spectacular, beautiful and very functional. They are inseparable and have been living together for a long time.

paseos a caballo tenerife sur

Sacramonte val

Our Pura Raza Español stallion. He is a charm at first sight. He is safe and reliable. He has a good communication with humans.  

paseos a caballo tenerife sur


A Spanish-Arabian mare. Every child's dream. She is very sweet, attentive and careful with who she has on her back. She has a nobility that looks for her equal and will never have a bad gesture. A real charmer.

paseos a caballo tenerife sur


A powerful animal with a lot of energy. Impressive at first sight, but then, when you get to know him, he is a cuddly toy. 


Our Appalusa. A horse very cuddly, affectionate, and that is delivered to the work. Dominates the discipline of dressage and high school. 

A base de 67 reseñas
T. Maxa
T. Maxa
Waren heute mit unserer dreijährigen Tochter dort. Für sie war es das erste mal Reiten auf einem Pferd. Durch die angenehme, zugewandte Art von Anita und das entspannte Pferd Nutella war es für unsere Tochter eine tolle Erfahrung! Leuchtende Augen und ein lachendes Gesicht waren die Folge. ☺️
Vanessa Pérez
Vanessa Pérez
Es un lugar super acogedor para los niños, mi hija probó una clase y salió encantada de la vida, super contenta ya sea por el trato tan amable de los profesores como de los consejos que pudieran darle. Comenzaremos lo antes posible! Gracias 😊
Nitya D. Stahl
Nitya D. Stahl
Seit Jahren sind wir Stammkunden, und das gilt für die ganze Familie. Egal, ob es darum geht, das Reiten zu erlernen oder Hilfe bei der Ausbildung unserer eigenen Pferde zu bekommen. Selbst wenn Probleme mit unserem eigenen Pferd auftreten, können wir zwischendurch einfach nachfragen, ohne dass uns sofort eine Rechnung präsentiert wird. Auf Cali und Anita können wir uns immer verlassen. Sie haben stets ein offenes Ohr und sind herzlich sowie authentisch involviert. Der Unterricht wird klar verständlich erklärt und um herauszufinden, wie gut der Stall ist, reicht es aus zu sehen, wie die beiden reiten – dann werden keine weiteren Fragen mehr aufkommen ;-) Somos clientes habituales desde hace años, y eso vale para toda la familia. Ya sea para aprender a montar o para que nos ayuden a entrenar a nuestros propios caballos. Incluso cuando surgen problemas con nuestro propio caballo, podemos simplemente pedir ayuda sin que se nos presente una factura de inmediato. Siempre podemos confiar en Cali y Anita. Siempre tienen un oído abierto y se implican de forma cálida y auténtica. Las clases se explican con claridad y, para saber lo bueno que es el establo, basta con ver cómo montan; entonces no surgirán más preguntas ;-)
Sarah Weiler
Sarah Weiler
Sitio encantador... Te tratan como en familia... Para niños espectacular. para mi es el mejor sitio de hípica de Tenerife que hay. Lo recomiendo 100%
Aleksandra Calka
Aleksandra Calka
Perfect place ! The horses are amazing and the trainers very nice !
pilar moreno
pilar moreno
Muy amables y he aprendido con Cali muchísimo!!!!
Virág Gellért
Virág Gellért
Mi hija Emma lleva aquí la segunda semana y le encanta, aprendió mucho de Calitò que es una persona fantástica!Aquí Emma aprendió la técnica y las reglas básicas de la correcta conducción!Estamos muy agradecidos a Anita que fue ¡Flexible y ofreció muchas opciones para montar!¡Muchas gracias y solo puedo recomendarlo a todos!
María Torres
María Torres
Mi hijo lleva un mes viniendo a las clases con Anita cada semana… No sabía nada de montar y ahora ya es capaz de trotar… Además, ha hecho muchos ejercicios de equilibrio y de postura corporal que le han ayudado a corregir su espalda. Estamos encantados. Y qué decir de Anita… mi hijo la adora… es muy paciente y una gran profesional. Lo recomendamos al 100x100
Jasmin Wolff
Jasmin Wolff
Nach langer Zeit und viel Überlegung führte mich der Weg zur Reitschule von Anita und ihrem Mann. Anita hat mir die Angst genommen und mich sehr einfühlsam wieder aufs Pferd gebracht und somit meine Leidenschaft erneut geweckt. Zudem werden die Pferde auch sehr liebevoll behandelt, der Hof wie auch die Tiere sind sehr gepflegt.
Jose Luis Fernandez
Jose Luis Fernandez
Un centro hípico muy familiar. Las clases son individuales y los profesores son grandes profesionales, muy atentos para corregir y enseñar todo lo que necesitas. Las cuadras e instalaciones están muy limpias y los caballos se les ve muy bien atendidos.
about us

Who We Are


I'm going to tell you my philosophy about this beautiful animal, the horse. For me, since I was a child, they have not only been an animal, but a very big part of my life, not to say that I have built a life around them. Over the years I have been taught how to treat and respect them, and it is only in this way that they have taught me everything I know about them and I have acquired a great deal of experience in which I have more than 40 years' experience. And, over the years, they will teach me more. I have had very difficult horses and very good horses, but I have really taken my experience from those horses that needed an education and order in their head. Because of mistreatment and bad hands, they became full of vices and defended themselves by imposing their strength, to look for a way out. They have taught me that with time, patience and a lot of love, cases can be solved. All this has led me to the education of riders who really want to learn, teaching them to communicate, to understand them and above all to listen to them. Each person is different as each horse is different and that is why I specialise in individual and personalised lessons. All my dedication and attention is special for that student, attending to their fears, their doubts and their questions. So that their experience with the horse is comfortable and satisfactory. 

Hi, I'm Anita. 

Hi, I'm Anita. I'm a teacher for children. I teach in three languages: Spanish, English and German. I start to train them with individual lessons on the ropes, in order to create a good basis. The basis consists of positioning, seat, balance and a lot of gymnastics on the horse. I teach my classes as a result of my vocation, physiotherapy, in which I always take care and train for the physical health of the pupil and the horse and in which I look for the comfort of both. The children not only have fun on the horse, but also improve their physical capacities, especially their posture, coordination and balance, and improve their firmness, authority and inner strength. My long experience in the world of horses came to me at the age of 6 in Germany, creating in me a love for them, wanting to get to know their whole world. Now, in my lessons, I combine the methods of both countries. In my lessons I look for a middle ground between fun and learning.

We invite you to try our ways of working. Any query, we are at your disposal. 


Come and meet us


C/TF 64, Km 9,5; The Mole 38612 El Médano